The Role of a Father

Just a quick post today in honor of all the important fathers in my life…

To me, a father is someone you can trust, can always count on, someone that you look up to, learn from, and want to be just like him.  A true role model, especially for little boys, but really for anyone who is lucky enough to be around them. 

I was lucky enough to start my life with a Dad who was all of these things for me, and more.  And now I have a wonderful father-in-law that I look up to and who helped to raise a caring, hard-working son that I fell in love with.  And that son is now a father himself and I love watching our three boys follow him around and imitate him and want to be just like him when they grow up.  And my little brother has grown into a man and is now helping to raise two amazing boys of his own as well.  I am surrounded by good men in my life…old and young, tall and small. 

Boys love their fathers and are always watching, trying to figure out what it takes to be a good man.  This is not an easy job to be a father and a role model and I will never take it – or them – for granted. 

To all the Fathers in my life and to Fathers everywhere – Thank You and Happy Father’s Day!!