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Just a quick post today in honor of all the important fathers in my life…

To me, a father is someone you can trust, can always count on, someone that you look up to, learn from, and want to be just like him.  A true role model, especially for little boys, but really for anyone who is lucky enough to be around them. 

I was lucky enough to start my life with a Dad who was all of these things for me, and more.  And now I have a wonderful father-in-law that I look up to and who helped to raise a caring, hard-working son that I fell in love with.  And that son is now a father himself and I love watching our three boys follow him around and imitate him and want to be just like him when they grow up.  And my little brother has grown into a man and is now helping to raise two amazing boys of his own as well.  I am surrounded by good men in my life…old and young, tall and small. 

Boys love their fathers and are always watching, trying to figure out what it takes to be a good man.  This is not an easy job to be a father and a role model and I will never take it – or them – for granted. 

To all the Fathers in my life and to Fathers everywhere – Thank You and Happy Father’s Day!! 


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  1. Thanks for the post hon, and for a great Father’s Day. I couldn’t agree more on the impact of a Dad in their kid’s lives. I have felt that in my own life, being lucky to have a strong, loving father that continues to teach me things even today (thanks Dad :). I have seen that impact in the lives of you and your siblings as well, also having an extraordinary man as a father. They both have set a very high bar for fatherhood, and it is one that I strive for every day.

    Of course being a Dad would not be possible without the ladies in our lives or those little kiddos that we adore, so even though it is Fathers Day, much love back to the Mom’s and the kids as well, especially my Maria and our boys 🙂

  2. Thanks Maria. Real men know it’s OK to tear up sometimes….you just got me!

    Real men also respect their Women. Fatherhood (and Motherhood) go a step further by assuming responsibility for the well-being of family. It comes before all else, and is never finished.

    And you are right…I learned from my Dad, who no doubt learned from his Dad. So let’s pass it on. You sure picked a great husband to do that!

    Love, Dad

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